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BIG CASH BINGO - Spun Polyester Square Pillow



Excluding Sales Tax

Room accents are more than just decorations; they're expressions of your style. Our Big Cash Bingo indoor pillows come in various sizes and serve as statement pieces, transforming any room into a personalized gaming haven.

.: Each pillow features a 100% Polyester cover, perfect for nestling into during a long Big Cash Bingo session. .: Includes a 100% Polyester pillow, ensuring comfort as you plan your next winning strategy. .: Double-sided print showcases the Big Cash Bingo logo and design, making a bold statement in any setting. .: Concealed zipper for a seamless look, echoing the sleek and engaging nature of Big Cash Bingo. .: Note: Pre-constructed item with a size variance of +/- 0.5", just like the unpredictable nature of a Big Cash Bingo game!

Add a touch of Big Cash Bingo to your space, and make every room a place where strategy and style meet.



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